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Master of Science (MS)




David R. Stone


The problem. This study seeks to present a history of the Utah Elementary Principals Association from its beginning to 1957. In its early years, the elementary principles worked with secondary principals and supervisors. The organization was not identified as a professional group separate and apart from other administrators of the state of Utah.

The purpose. The purpose of this study is to compile, organize, and record significant activities of the association. This will include personnel and chronology. Other general purposes of the study are as follows:

1. To gain a knowledge of the role of Utah Elementary Principals Association in the professional training of elementary school administrators.

2. To meet a request of the officers of the Utah Elementary Principals Association.

3. It is a means of preserving a record of important activities that have been accomplished.

Delimitations. This study is limited to the activities of the association from its beginning to 1957. It will be confined to the period of time since it became a professional group separate and apart from administrators.

Sources of data. The source for this investigation from which the historical material was compiled was found in the minute books of the Elementary Principals Association. It was also gathered by personal interviews with past officers of the Association. Pertinent Information was also obtained from personal letters from past officers and from records which have been kept by different officers of the association.

Method of treatment. From the nature of sources available, it is evident that the methods employed in dealing with the problems are most generally characterized as historical and documentary.

The particular aspects of the history of the Association that are to be discussed are as follows:

1. A brief historical background.

2. A chronological list of officers.

3. Financial reports of the Utah Elementary Principals Association.

4. Participation of the Utah Elementary Principals Association at the Northwest Convention.

5. Workshops held in the state.

6. The relation of the Utah State Elementary Principals Association to the State Department of Education.

7. Salary schedules.

8. The official magazine.

9. The promotion of professionalism.

a. Goals and objectives

b. Significance for education

c. constitution

d. Code of ethics

In gathering information for the study, the writer has searched diligently to get the important items to record. The plan is to have accessible to the Association a history which may prove valuable to it.



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