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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Applied Economics


DeeVon Bailey


There has been little research conducted regarding the agricultural machinery market in China. However, current data suggest that this demand is dramatically increasing. This dissertation endeavors to generally define the current demand of the agricultural machinery market in China. There has been research conducted on multiple factors of the agricultural machinery market in China, such as land tenure rights, rural migration, government agricultural policies, and others. Through the use of limited quantitative data, market demand is analyzed and defined. By means of a qualitative case study of a successful multinational corporation, Deere & Co., how the demand is being met for agricultural machinery in China is also discussed. This case study also contributes to defining market demand for agricultural machinery in China. Through the use of this mixed-method research, key components of the Chinese agricultural machinery market are identified and analyzed. Challenges within this market are discussed, along with how Deere & Co.'s Chinese operations have dealt with these challenges. This corporation's experience in the Chinese market brings benefit to any company seeking to better understand the workings of the agricultural machinery market in China.