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Master of Science (MS)


Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences

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Dairy Production

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George E. Stoddard


George E. Stoddard


John Butcher


Robert C. Lamb


Grain feeding is an important part of a dairy feeding program. Grain supplies energy in a concentrated form and when fed as a supplement to forage permits cows to maintain high levels of production. Also, if the forage is of low quality, additional protein and other nutrients can be supplied with the grain in a concentrate mix. By feeding a balanced concentrate mix, according to individual production, each cow receives the necessary nutrients for production. Dairy cows are usually fed grain individually.

During recent years dairy herds have increased in size and milking parlors have been developed in which to milk cows more efficiently. In milking parlors cows are generally fed grain individually. However, the cows are milked so rapidly that there is insufficient time for them to consume more than a few pounds of grain. Cows not consuming all of their grain, while being milked, are left in the stall until the remaining grain is eaten, thus delaying the milking operation or turned out without consuming the allotted amount of grain.



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