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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Barton L. Smith


A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) validation experiment is conducted for convection flow from a heated plate in buoyancy aided and opposed orientations. The design of the experiment to meet CFD validation completeness standards is described. Previous experiments and simulations have been completed, but none measure or present to necessary boundary conditions to define the simulation boundary conditions. Experimental measurements of forced and mixed convection are presented, along with measured boundary conditions sufficient to compute simulations for validations purposes. Some simulation results are described, but a complete validation study is not included. Simulations are conducted to ensure all necessary boundary conditions are being measured. This document and the corresponding website will provide sufficient explanation and data to repeat the experiment and sped the setup of future validation experiments. The data and boundary conditions are available for download on a website dedicated to validation data dissemination. Along with the validation data, the response quantities provide some insight into the flow characteristics of the boundary layer for convective flow from a vertical flat plate.