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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development


Linda Skogrand


Yoon G. Lee


This is a systematic representative sample study of newlyweds designed to investigate aspects of participation in marriage preparation activities as well as determine what effect participation in activities had on marital satisfaction. A retrospective survey instrument was utilized which included the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale.

Statistical analysis revealed that the majority of individuals in Utah prepare for marriage by visiting with parents or relatives, visiting with other married couples, and talking with religious leaders, and considered these activities to be helpful in their preparation. The small er percentage of individuals who participated in more formal preparation activities also considered these activities to be very helpful. Wives and husbands who attended a class and talked with religious leaders showed significant increases in marital satisfaction within a year after marriage. In addition, marital sati sfaction was increased for wives who read a book on marriage and for husbands who visited with their parents, relatives, or other married couples. Findings show that bringing children into marriage, parents' marital status, and age are factors associated with marital satisfaction.