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Master of Science (MS)


Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies


Burrell F. Hansen


A study of closed circuit television systems was made which could be utilized t o supplement conventional teaching methods at College of Southern Utah.

A basic , but complete studio installation for production work and radio-television class room instruction in addition to four , individual, self - contained installations a re recommended f or regular classroom use. All equipment is to be compatible and provide for complete interchangeability of tapes within the system.

Present costs of distribution systems indicate that video t apes produced in the classroom, in the fi eld, or in the studio and played back in the class room would provide bette r utilization of available funds. It is recommended, however, that all future buildings be cabled with coaxial cable f or closed circuit te levisi on distribution . This form would be less costly and more versatile than microwave distribution.

Included are re commendations of presently available, commercial equipment that satisfy the indicated needs.