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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate

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L. H. Polland


The purpose of this study was to consider how the rooting of cuttings may be affected by such methods and factors as: type of cutting, time of year when cuttings are best taken, differences between individual species, use of chemicals for the treatment of cuttings, rooting media, and the care of cuttings in the propagation beds.

In the past 35 years scientists have done considerable experimenting with the application of organic chemicals on the roots, stems and leaves of various plants. These organic chemicals have come to be known as "plant hormones" or "plant regulators." They have proved to be extremely useful and have affected the plants in rather unusual ways. Growth regulating chemicals are no longer on trial. They now are being used with several kinds of farm crops and ornamental plants.

Hormones or growth regulators are chemical substances, made in one part of an organism and transported to other parts where they produce their effects, and they are effective in very minute amounts. This paper will give the present status of knowledge on the use and effectiveness of growth regulators in plant propagation.



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