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Master of Business Administration (MBA)



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Ray James


Ray James


In 1891, Utah State University began offering a two-year business course to its students. With this early beginning, Utah State Claims the second oldest business school west of the Mississippi River. In 1900, the School of Commerce was organized. It was not until 1956, the beginning year for this study, that the College of Business and Social Studies came into being.

Prior to 1956, the only majors available to business students were Business Administration and Business Management. In 1957, Accounting, Industrial Management, and Merchandising majors were offered. The department began to expand and diversify the curriculum. Changes were made to modernize the department and bring it closer to the structure of leading business schools throughout the nation. The major of Business Administration was dropped in 1960, since it was felt that this course of study was too general for today's business student. The year 1960 also saw the course offerings in Merchandising become streamlined. Some courses were dropped and new courses added, and the name of this major was changed to marketing. In 1961, the majors of Business Management and Industrial Management were dropped from the curriculum and the new major of Production Management replaced them in 1962. In 1962, Finance and Personnel majors were also added to bring the department to its present form.



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