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Master of Science (MS)


Wildland Resources

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Range Nutrition


Jack F. Hooper


A comparative index to digestible nutrients was established for Russian wildrye, crested wheatgrass, and intermediate wheatgrass seeded on foothill areas of Utah. The nutritive values of these grasses were compared by the lignin ratio method, the chlorophyllan ratio method, and the in vivo rumen bag process.

Average digestion coefficients computed by the lignin ratio method for dry matter, ether extract, cellulose, and gross energy were highest for intermediate wheatgrass. Protein was more digestible for Russian wildrye. Digestible energy was adequate in all species to meet requirements for late lactation.

Results from the chlorophyllan ratio method were excessively high and were not considered valid.

Dry matter loss of Russian Wildrye was greater than losses from either of the wheatgrasses.

Losses of dry matter due to 24-hour in vivo rumen fermentation and rinsing only of nylon bags were closely correlated.