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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance

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Bartell C. Jensen


The effects of using the United States input-output table to explain Israel's economic structure was studied, by comparing price data generated on the basis of the U. S. tables and prices observed in the two countries. A substantial difference between prices generated and observed led to the conclusion that the technological structure of the United States cannot be used to approximate Israel's structure.

Various adjustments were then applied to the United States coefficient matrix to determine if it could be transformed into a new technological structure which would more closely approximate Israel's economy.

Significant improvements were noted by three of the adjustments while one showed no noticeable difference from the results obtained using the unadjusted U.S. matrix.

One of the adjustments was found to transform the U.S. coefficient matrix into a new matrix which when multiplied by the observed final demand vector of Israel would predict accurately, output levels and effects of changes in the Israel economy.

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