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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Educational Administration

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James A. Jacobson


James A. Jacobson


Charles O. Ryan



The purpose of this study was to determine how Utah educators and school board members view the future of education in the state. This was done by comparing the ratings for importance and the predictions on the time of occurrence of 53 educational events. An event was an incident or happening which might effect the education of the state . The hypotheses were based on the assumption that the various educational groups would hold differing views concerning the future of Utah education.


The study provided data on the perceptions of 236 individual s representing five groups of educational participants (State Department personnel, superintendents, other administrators, teachers, and school board members) concerning the future of education in the State of Utah within a 20-year period of time. The sample was randomly selected, with the exception of the superintendent group which included all of the superintendents of the state. An instrument consisting of 53 educational events was developed which enabled the respondents to express their perceptions of the importance of the events and predict when each of the events would occur in 60 percent of the schools of the state. Leik's Measure of Ordinal Consensus was used to arrive at a consensus score which indicated the dispersion or lack of dispersion of responses within a group to a particular event. An analysis of variance was used to test for differences among the groups. where a significant F-ratio was found, using the .05 level of significance, Duncan's New Multiple Range Test was also utilized. This test was designed to locate differences between paired groups.