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Master of Science (MS)



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Stanley S. Richardson


Stanley S. Richardson


Eldon M. Drake


Von Jarrett


The objectives of this study were to gather information concerning the off-farm agricultural occupations of Millard, Beaver, Iron and Washington Counties.

A list was made of present and anticipated number of employees in these occupations with the numbers involved in full-time, part-time, and female work.

Occupations with similar backgrounds were clustered into four main areas. These were further classified into individual jobs.

Comments were made concerning the competencies needed for entry and satisfactory performance in these occupations.

Some of the characteristics of these occupations as to salary, required experience, labor laws and education requirements were reported.

An attempt was made to identify all present and emerging off-farm agricultural occupations for which vocational agricultural education should be available.

It was noted that each county in the area surveyed had many similar occupations and each had its own distinct problem differences.

Correlating the survey study, the author concluded personal contact was a good technique to secure needed information. Also, telephoning the businesses proved to be a successful and time conserving method of securing desired information. Obtaining data through correspondence, an interesting observation was noted. Business of off-farm agricultural occupations located where higher educational institutions are established a quick response was noted as compared to other areas, in which virtually, no reply came by correspondence, until contacted personally.

Employers perferred employees with rural background but it was not essential for employment. They considered it valuable to be able to have a speaking knowledge of the business served.

The author traveled over 1100 miles in making this survey.



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