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Michael Bertoch


Michael Bertoch


This study was designed t o provide information about : (l) Utah State University students ' impressions of counseling , (2) the sources of these impressions, (3) students ' awareness of the University Counseling Center , and (4) the effect of the foregoing factors on student use of the counseling facilities.

The sample consisted of a group of 107 freshmen and 43 sophomore s randomly selected from the general psychology courses at Utah State University , Logan , Utah . Student information was obtained by a questionnaire and students ' impressions of counseling were assessed by a semantic differential. The data were analyzed by t - test , chisquare and analysis of variance .

The implications from the results indicated that: l. The single "most important" source of impression was the counselor , which indicated that high school counselors could be effective in orienting students to professional facilities available at the university level . This infers that college personnel should increase their communication with high school counselor s .

2 . The Utah State University (USU) Counseling Center needed to develop other means of making students aware of the counseling facilities . Since so few students indicated the newspaper as being their source of awareness, perhaps this indicates an effective instrument for creating awareness . The bulletin board, however, appeared to have been effective in alerting students t o the counseling center and should be continued.

3. Parents seemed to convey an impression of counseling to students which encouraged their use of the facilities more than the other sources of impressions studied in this investigation . Parents were also indicated as the second "most important" source of students ' impressions of counseling . These support the need for increased counselor- parent communication .



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