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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education


Roice H. Anderson


Fertilizer, feed and machinery dealers we re interviewed to obtain the extent of the services which they provided to farmers in Cache County. One machinery dealer provided a service in the form of a rental program while all others provided none. Fertilizer dealers provided spreaders while feed dealers provided only a delivery service.

The Farm Service Division of the Amalgamated Sugar Company was examined as a case study. Budgets for different sizes of beet growers were formulated and compared to evaluate the services provided. It was determined that the farmers in the 0-10 acre category received a net return per acre of $107.36 while the farmers in the over 40 acre category who did not use the service received a net return per acre of $105.00. It was deduced that the Farm Service Division was a benefit to the smaller farmers.

Problems which the farmers encountered with the services were discussed, and a theoretical model of the services was presented. Recommendations were given for improvements in the services.