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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


D. B. Porcella


The distribution of phosphorus in the sediment of Hyrum Reservoir was studied by collecting and analyzing 84 sediment samples for total, inorganic, organic, and water-soluble phosphorus.

Sample locations were mapped by triangulation and sediment phosphorus distribution maps were made. Sediment analysis showed average total phosphorus content of 755 micrograms per gram, with organic phosphorus composing approximately 97 percent of total phosphorus.

Sediment samples showed variability in phosphorus content which precluded identification of point sources of phosphorus input to the reservoir. Several areas of comparatively higher phosphorus content in the sediments were shown with isopleth maps.

An estimate of the extent of sedimentation at each sample site was made. Sediment phosphorus content showed no significant correlation with reservoir sedimentation as determined in this study.