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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education

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Agricultural Economics


Lynn H. Davis


This study was designed to determine the relative profitability of sugar beet production relative to other enterprises competing with sugar beets for limited resources and to estimate a production response of sugar beet growers in the beet producing areas of Utah.

Sugar beet producing areas in Utah were delineated. Representative farm units for beef-crop, dairy-crop, and all- crop farms were synthesized. Enterprise budgets were formulated and analysed to ascertain the relative profitableness of sugar beets compared to competing enterprises in each production area.

Linear programming was used to develop the supply response portion of this study. An aggregated supply curve was derived showing the acreage response of sugar beet producers at varying sugar beet prices. Rotation for nematode control restricted annual sugar beet production to 25 percent of available sugar beet land. The price range over which it would be profitable to include sugar beets in the optimum combinations was $9.98 per ton to $14.19 per ton.



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Agribusiness Commons