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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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Dale O. Nelson


Dale O. Nelson


Eldon M. Drake


Dale Rasmussen


This study was an attempt to determine through a survey of opinions to what extent the objectives, methods and procedures were effectively being accomplished in the professional preparation of student teachers in physical education at Utah State University.

A questionnaire was developed and administered to student teachers who were currently completing their student teaching experience, and mailed to graduates who had completed their preparation program between 1966 and 1971.

The areas surveyed, the pre-student teaching preparation, the assistance given by the university supervisor and the assistance rendered by the cooperating teacher were for the most part found to be adequate according to a majority of the opinions returned.

The areas considered to be below adequate in the preparation program regarding the pre-student teacher preparation were items involving the school services and how they affect the student teaching assignment, techniques in self-disciplining student groups, communicating with parents, understanding social and cultural background of students and general techniques of discipline.

The assistance provided by the university supervisor was considered be low adequate in the areas related to extra duties expected of teachers, fostering an understanding of a full year program, and locating and utilizing teaching materials.

The cooperating teacher assistance was considered below adequate in areas regarding opportunities to observe other teachers in the school, developing teaching materials, selecting appropriate media for methods used, working professionally with other colleagues, and providing teaching situations that would link theory with practice.

The supervisory assistance, according to a comparison of male and female opinion, seems to indicate that the university supervisor responsible for the male student teachers experienced a more effective accomplishment.

The male cooperating teachers were found to be more effective in many of the areas considered than were the female cooperating teachers.