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Master of Science (MS)


Political Science

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Calvin W. Hiibner


Calvin W. Hiibner


The emerging seasonal subdivisions in the rural mountainous regions of Kane County was the focus of this study . A native of Kanab, county seat, the author has been in a position to witness the development of these projects. The desired purpose of the study was to ascertain the degree of involvement of local government and to indicate problems, their solutions and consequences. The problems encountered in analyzing these developments are basically those that must be faced by any new emerging community.

No individual study was discovered that dealt with the specific locality under consideration. Of very recent origin, the developments have provided little time for in depth analysis. The absence of related studies has offered the author more personal contact with involved individuals than might otherwise have been the case.

The author attempted to view the subdivisions as seen by both subdivider and governing official. Written questionnaires, personal interviews and informal discussions, on-site inspection of subdivisions , vis its to county offices, letters, and telephone interviews have provided the background material for this thesis.

The study resulted in the following observations:

1. Local government must engage in long-range planning to effectively deal with the problems of the subdivisions.

2. Failure to adequately prepare now will necessitate far greater expenditures in future county operations.

3. As the problems continue to grow, so, too , will the cost of their eradication or containment.

4. Intergovernmental cooperative studies appear to be a logical method of determining overall effect of the problems.

5. Restructuring of local government may become necessary.