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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics


B. Delworth Gardner


This thesis is a methodological study of a technique of analysis known as simulation, with special reference to developing economic- cumhydrologic models of complex real world water resource systems.

It is the eventual goal of this project to develop a complete economic and hydrologic computer model of Cache County, Utah, to further test the applicability of simulation to water resource problems. Although no modeling is carried out, Cache County is used as a foundation for judging the technique within this thesis.

Of the several approaches to simulation which were reviewed, Forrester's (1961) methods, and the use of DYNAMO as a simulation compiler were selected as being the most applicable t o the Cache County project.

Although simulation techniques and computer modeling are still in the developing s t age, they would seem to have considerable advantages, especially in tracing secondary benefits, over more conventional techniques of analysis. Certainly the potential advantages a r e great enough to make further development of this technique well justified.