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Master of Science (MS)


Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


Steven H. Viehweg


A study was made to determine the reliability of Navajo Indian and American Caucasian subjects to air conducted pure tones.

Audiograms were obtained on 30 Navajo and 27 Caucasian subjects as they responded to pure tones presented via a conventional audiometric technique and also via an automatic recording technique.

One audiogram via conventional audiometry and one audiogram via automatic audiometry were obtained on the same day. Replications of the same tests were administered on the following day.

Statistical analysis of the data was employed to determine the reliability of repeated test measurements. Mean threshold differences, standard deviations, Student's "t" test and analysis of variance were all utilized in making these determinations.

The test results revealed the reliability to be beyond acceptable limits, according to previous research, under all test conditions except condition one. Statistical significance was demonstrated at all four conditions. Significant differences between performance of the two populations involved were not shown. However, differences due to changing conditions were demonstrated.



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