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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Economics and Finance

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Reed Durtschi


The purpose of this study was to determine the economic impact of the College of Eastern Utah on Carbon County. The amount of income that accrued to County households, due to the College's presence in the County, was used as a measure of this impact.

The College expenditure flow to the County Has $61,610. Faculty salaries amounted to $318,309, during the 1964-1965 fiscal year. Student expenditure flow to the County was estimated at $636,254.

Retail trade and service margins were calculated and applied to the College and student expenditure floor. This calculation indicated an income flow of $122,339, to the County. Wages and salaries paid by the College in the amount of $318,309, was considered as first round income. The total income flow to the County, due to the presence of the College, was $440,648.

Relating this amount to job equivalents by dividing the average non-agricultural wage in Carbon County into $440,648, there were 93 jobs created in the County. This is 2.0 per cent of all non-agricultural jobs in the County.



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