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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Austin G. Loveless


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the needs of San Juan County, Utah , in regard to an overall program of vocational education including ancillary services and new facilities for an area vocational center. Literature was reviewed concerning the need for vocational education, recent developments and trends in vocational programs, and other refinements in educational theory which influence instruction . Several groups of people were surveyed to determine the needs and interests of area residents with special attention given toward the Navajo Indian population.

The overall program which was developed incorporates aspects of the career education theme as it relates to vocational awareness and exploration. Suggestions are made regarding ancillary services such as counseling , inservice training, advisory committees, and promotion.

Part II of the study is the educational specifications for a new building to house the vocational program which was developed . Facilities for programs in mobile units are also included.

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