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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate


J. Clair Theurer


The inheritance and linkage of chlorina (ch2), virescens (vi4), and a plantain leaf character (PI2PI3) in sugarbeets were studied. Chlorina acted as a simple recessive which confirmed work reported previously. Chlorinas from two sources were found to be identical. Virescens and plantain leaf were found to be different from those reported in the literature. Virescens acted as a simple recessive. Male sterility in the virescent material was of the a1 mendelian type. Plantain leaf exhibited intermediate inheritance and was found to be controlled by the action of two dominant complementary factors. Linkage tests showed vi4 and ch2 to be independent of each other, the a1 gene for male sterility, and genes in the Y-R-B group. One of the plantain leaf loci, PI2, showed independence of the R gene.

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