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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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Lanny Nalder


Lanny Nalder


W. Whitney Smith


Lois Downs


The purpose of the study was to determine the incidence of drug abuse among seniors of Tooele High School, Tooele, Utah, and Logan High School, Logan, Utah. The following sub-problems were investigated as a part of this study.

1. The relationship of the incidence of abuse between males and females.

2. The possible influence a university may have upon a neighboring high school, in reference to drug abuse.

The data for the purpose of analysis was obtained from answers to the questions used in the questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 47 questions. The number of participants included 201 high school seniors at Logan High and 219 from Tooele. The Logan group registered 102 males and 107 females, while the Tooele group accounted for 112 males and 107 females. Those students that were absent on the day the questionnaire was administered were eliminated from the study.

DD-5081 punch cards were obtained and used as a means of collecting descriptive analytical data for this study. The results of the questionnaires were recorded upon IBM answer sheets and were statistically analyzed by the use of computers. Based on analysis of 420 responses the computer provided specific correlation coefficients by use of the Two Way Independent Chi-Square.