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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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Lincoln McClellan


Lincoln McClellan


Janice Pearce


Terrance Hatch


The purpose of this study was to gather and analyze information concerning the establishment and administration of specific team rules and regulations used by the football and basketball coaches in Utah High schools.

Sub-objectives of this study were: (a) to compare the opinions of coaches according to school classification - class AA, class A, and class B; (b) to compare the opinions of less experienced coaches with those of more experienced coaches; (c) to compare the opinions of basketball coaches with those of football coaches.

One-hundred and thirty-nine coaches responded to a questionnaire that included statements asking for information concerning the establishment and administration of team rules, regulations, and penalties applying to the areas of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, curfew, attendance at practices and games, dress and appearance standards, and participation in recreational activities.

It was found that the coaches were of the opinion that team rules and regulations were important in high school athletics. It was also found that regardless of the classification of the school, the sport, or the number of years of experience that the coaches had, the responses of the coaches were very much similar, with only minor degrees of variation in responses to some of the questions.



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