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Master of Science (MS)




Robert Q. Oaks Jr.


When Lake Bonneville spilled through Red Rock Pass at the north end of Cache Valley, the major part of the lake in Salt Lake Valley had to drain from west-to-east through Cutler Dam Quadrangle. Here two major saddles connect the two valleys: 1. Bear River Narrows, at about 4380 feet; and 2. Cache Butte-Wellsville Mountain Pass 4.2 miles south, at about 4970 feet. Spillover levels at both places are cut into older rocks. The following history is inferred: 1. Rise of lake to Bonneville level (5180 feet) or slightly higher ; 2. Spillover and downcutting at Red Rock Pass to a point above 4940 feet; eastward flow through Bear River Narrows and Cache Butte-Wellsville Mountain Pass; 3. Red Rock Pass abandoned; westward flow through Bear River Narrows only as the lake level continued to fall; lowest point unknown; 4. Rise of lake above 4940 feet; spillover and renewed cutting of Red Rock Pass down to Provo level (4800 feet); eastward flow through Bear River Narrows; 5. Rapid fall of lake level.

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