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Master of Science (MS)



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Austin G. Loveless


Austin G. Loveless


The objectives of this study were to determine if the present curriculum in Architectural Drafting Technology presently offered at Utah Technical College at Salt Lake is meeting the needs of the architectural, engineering , and construction fields in Utah ; additionally, if students are prepared to enter the architectural and related fields with job entry skills and, after employment, if students have sufficient skills to broaden experience on the job; additionally, are students prepared to continue their education, if desired.

Literature reviewed included masters' theses , a doctoral dissertation, periodicals , brochures, and professional publications . A survey instrument was developed and sent to 85 students who had attended three quarters or more at Utah Technical College. The students were asked how many quarters attended; if graduated; employment after attending the college; continued education; subjects they felt they should have received more training in; and also, students were asked to rank technical subject areas and related subject areas and were asked to make additional comments, if desired. The professional evaluation form was mailed to 75 architects, 40 contractors, and 35 engineers. Each was asked to rank major skills and knowledges in technical and related subject areas; other categories were added and a section for comments, if desired.

Principle findings were that technician training should be at the post-high school level preparing for employment; High interest in the program was expressed by the students and professionals surveyed; Programs should be evaluated curriculum needs to be adjusted in areas of course, time in laboratories, relating general education; former students are prepared to continue their education; and, finally, the program is meeting the needs of students and the architectural profession. Contact need to be made in the fields of contracting and engineering.



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