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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate

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Wade G. Dewey


Wade G. Dewey


Orson Cannon


DeVere McAllister


Three crosses were used to study the inheritance of the sedimentation properties in hard red winter wheat. The parents of the three crosses were the variety Delmar, and the breeding lines 217-61- 7-14 and 217 - 19- 5. Delmar has high sedimentation properties, 217-6 1-7-14 is intermediate, and 217-19-5 has very poor sedimentation qualities.

Sedimentation tests were run on five replications of the parents and 300 samples of the F3 populations in each cross. A semi-micro sedimentation test (a one-fourth scale test) was run on 200 F2 plants and the F1's from each cross. The distributions from each cross were analyzed and the type of gene action and possible number of genes involved were estimated.

There were two general trends apparent in the progeny of all three crosses. (1) In the F2 generation there were more low parental types than high parental types recovered. This situation was reversed in each of the F3 populations where more high parental types were recovered than the low parental types (2) All three F3means were about 10 units higher than their respective F2 means.

The type of gene action appeared to be mainly additive but with some partial dominance for the high parent in each cross. Depending on the cross, from one to three genes were estimated to be functioning in the determination of the sedimentation properties.