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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education


Stanley S. Richardson


The need for a technician training program in Ornamental Horticulture was studied in Davis, Salt Lake and Utah counties utilizing interviews and mailed survey instruments.

The greatest job increase during the next five years is anticipated for nursery workers, landscape helpers and greenhouse workers. The smallest anticipated increase is for florists, floor foreman and nursery technicians.

Skills requiring the highest degree of competency for workers in ornamental horticulture, according to employers, are retail salesmanship, plant identification and disease and insect control.

Courses receiving the highest rating in an ornamental horticulture technician curriculum, as given by owners and managers and by educators, were botany, ornamental deciduous woody plants, soils and fertilizers, gardening techniques, and plant propagation. Courses receiving the lowest rating were three months or more on-the-job training, professional ethics and law, and economic entomology.