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Master of Science (MS)


Special Education and Rehabilitation


Devoe C. Rickert


A study was done of the attendance of 1,251 non-handicapped and 131 handicapped pupils in the Weber County, Ogden, Utah School District. This study was done at the request of the district administration. The basic questions were 1) would there be a difference in attendance of the handicapped and the non-handicapped and 2) would the reasons for absence differ as stated on excuses presented to the office.

Data for the entire 1978-79 school year were tallied and analyzed. There were no significant differences in the attendance rates of the two groups. Inspection of the data showed that there was a difference in attendance of handicapped pupils who were members of classes for less than 180 days and those who were 180 day class members. No reason for this difference was revealed by the data.

The data on excuses presented as a reason for absence showed more absences due to doctors excuses and illness for handicapped pupils.

In depth research on the causes of absence of handicapped pupils was recommended.