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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education


Paul R. Grimshaw


The purpose of this thesis is to make an evaluation of the competitive position of the Utah livestock industry based on feed ingredient and transportation costs, This is done by the use of a linear programming model (MPS-360). This is on the basis of the least cost means of production to meet the quantity demanded of the livestock products. This is accomplished by dividing the United States into six regions where Utah is one of these regions to enable careful consideration of Utah's agricultural enterprises.

Beef, pork, broilers, turkeys, eggs, and milk are the agricultural products used in the model.

The feeds used for production are barley, wheat, corn, oats, milo, hay, and 44 percent soybean meal.

Mega calories of metabolizable energy were the energy units used in the model as a medium of exchange between feed inputs and livestock products as outputs.