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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Heng Ban


Photothermal Radiometry is a common thermal property measurement technique which is used to measure the properties of layered materials. Photothermal Radiometry uses a modulated laser to heat a sample, in which the thermal response can be used to determine the thermal properties of layers in the sample. The motivation for this work is to provide a better understanding of the accuracy and the repeatability of the Photothermal Radiometry measurement technique. Through this work the sensitivity of results to input uncertainties will be determined. Additionally, using numerical simulations the overall uncertainty on a theoretical measurement will be determined.

The repeatability of Photothermal Radiometry measurements is tested with the use of a proton irradiated zirconium carbide sample. Due to the proton irradiation this sample contains two layers with a thermal resistance between the layers. This sample has been independently measured by three different researchers, in three different countries and the results are compared to determine the repeatability of Photothermal Radiometry measurements. Finally, from sensitivity and uncertainty analysis experimental procedures and suggestions are provided to reduce the uncertainty in experimentally measured results.