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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Marie N. Krueger


A follow-up study, involving students, parents, and teachers that participated in two types of summer home economics programs in Box Elder County during the summer of 1979, was conducted during August, 1979 to collect data relative to the following objectives: (1) to obtain demographic data as to age, sex, and participation in the program; (2) to obtain the subjects feelings about the program; and (3) to gather opinions and suggestions from the respondents about the programs.

Analysis of the data revealed (1) there were more students enrolled in the In-School program than the Home-Visit program. There were more females than males enrolled in the In-School program; more mothers than fathers responded and all teachers returned their questionnaires; (2) there was a high level of interest shown in both programs and (3) suggestions were given to improve the program for another year.

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