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Marie N. Krueger


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In November 1977 Congress established the Nutrition Education and Training Program (NETP) with the passage of Public Law 95-166. Section 227.37 of the NETP Regulations (1978) mandates that each state establish a plan of action for the use of any federally appropriated funds earmarked for "nutrition education", and further, the plan should contain a proposal to instruct all students in the state about the nutritional value of foods as well as the relationship between food, nutrition, and health. Section 19 of Public Law 95- 166 stipulates a "needs assessment" as one of the components of NETP and that each state conduct such assessments.

The purpose of this study is to furnish the Utah State Office of Education Nutrition Specialist information about the "Licensed Group Day Care Centers" regarding:

l. the nutrition concepts taught;

2. the methods and strategies used;

3. the educational level of day care personnel;

4. the State Office of Education Nutrition Specialist's role in day care;

5. the day care center's cooperation for nutrition inservicing of the faculty; and,

6. the day care center's cooperation with secondary/university training programs.

A review of literature indicates that little has been done to evaluate day care programs with regard to "nutrition education". Before the establishment of Public Law 95- 166 Federal and State licensing, guidelines were vague and did not stipulate "education" in their nutrition regulations.

Results of a mail survey show that 89.1% of the responding centers teach some nutritional concepts. Cooking and tasting experiences, along with pictures and stories, were the main activities used by the centers. The most requested teaching aides we r e puppet and flannel board stories, songs, pictures, and food recipes. This survey shows the majority of the teachers are college educated and have some nutritional training.