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Master of Science (MS)




Pat Pruitt


This study was limited to vocational agricultural teachers in Utah and ten agricultural teachers randomly selected from each of the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho , Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Questionnaires were completed and returned by a total of 54 Utah vocational agricultural teachers and 50 teachers from the other states. The questionnaires were designed to collect data concerning class size, requirements of the physical facilities and the budget allowed for teaching agricultural mechanics.

The study revealed a larger number of non-vocational agriculture students are enrolled in the agricultural programs in Utah than in the other states. The data indicated there are more total students enrolled in Utah vocational agricultural programs than in the other states per teacher. The facilities available in Utah were generally smaller and less equipped for teaching basic agricultural mechanics as compared to other states. Many of the teachers in both groups perceived their facilities inadequate and all recommended improvements. The study also indicated that Utah teachers were receiving a lower budget based on student hours than we re the teachers from other states. Many teachers surveyed did not know the amount of their capita l or operating budgets for their vocational agricultural programs.



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