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Master of Science (MS)


Wildland Resources


Jessop B. Low


The ecology and habitat requirements of a population of blue grouse were studied during 1970 and 1971 on the Cache National Forest 25 miles south of Logan, Utah.

Baseline data concerning numbers of blue grouse, vegetative composition, and insect abundance on the study area were gathered. These data were to be compared to similar measurements made following a herbicidal spraying of the area during 1972.

Information concerning the breeding, nesting, brood rearing, and wintering habits of the grouse was also collected. Male blue grouse migrated to the study area in early April to set up territories. These were located on open tree-shrub hillsides. Seven nests were located under sagebrush bushes. About 18 to 20 broods were on the study area during 1971. Young grouse consumed insects primarily during the summer. Males migrated from area by July and females and broods moved off in late August and early September.

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