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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Economics and Finance

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Glenn F. Marston


The attitudes of selected university professors and students in Utah toward labor unions were obtained through the medium of a questionnaire.

Most students and professors favored anti-trust laws for unions, were against the abolishment of the right-to-work law, and were evenly divided in their feelings concerning the settlement of strikes by compulsory arbitration.

A majority of students and professors were against an increase in overtime pay and a shorter work week. Students favored and professors opposed a raise in the minimum wage.

Professors and students anticipated growth in union membership as a percentage of the labor force.

Except for professors of Civil Engineering at Utah State University and Brigham Young University, all groups favored organized labor. Students and professors of Economics showed the strongest opinion in favor of unions. The summarized responses showed that 76.9 percent of all groups favored organized labor.

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