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Master of Science (MS)


Special Education and Rehabilitation


Thomas Higbee


For many educators, finding enough time to complete all that is require of them is a daily challenge. Those in special education have the added burden of making sure that their staff members are highly trained in the skills required to work effectively with students. There are many different ways to train staff members, one of which is using a video model. This study looked at the effects of video modeling alone on the training of staff members to use the multiple stimulus without replacement preference assessment. The participants in this study were paraprofessionals who work with preschool students who had a variety of disabilities. Data were collected on how well staff members were able to perform necessary skills to conduct the preference assessment before and after watching a video model. The results of this study showed that staff members could learn a new skill with the use of video modeling as a training tool. Using video modeling as a training tool is an effective way to save educators time while still ensuring that students are benefited.