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Master of Science (MS)


Special Education and Rehabilitation


Timothy A. Slocum


Many students with intellectual disabilities and autism struggle to have meaningful social interactions with their peers. Research shows that using video modeling can increase social skills in students with disabilities, but it has never been studied in comparison to or in combination with “IF….THEN…” behavior contracts. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of video prompts on elementary-aged students with disabilities to increase appropriate social interactions with their peers through filming the creation of an “IF….THEN…”contract. The participants are four elementary-aged students with intellectual disabilities and autism who have target social skills deficits. The targeted social skills were: greeting peers, initiating conversations, and asking peers to play. The use of “IF….THEN…” contracts, contracts plus structured review, and contracts plus video prompting was evaluated. Each participant had a baseline of zero and after treatment increased the frequency of social skills from one to three instances. Data collected showed both the interventions of “IF….THEN….” contracts plus structured review and contracts plus video prompting were similarly effective at increasing social skills. Treatment had lasting effects in three of the participants when it was completely phased out.