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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Barton L Smith


An experimental demonstration of a new, non-contact particle characterization technique called Aerodynamic Vectoring Particle Sorting (AVPS) is presented. AVPS uses secondary blowing and suction control flows'flows that are a fraction of the jet flow rate'to sharply change the direction of a planar, particle-laden jet. As the jet is vectored, particles present in the flow experience a resultant drag force, dependent upon their size, that balances inertia. Since this balance determines the particle's trajectory, vectoring the flow leads to a separation of particles downstream. This simple, low-pressure-drop sorting technique classifies particles with less risk of damage or contamination than currently available sorting devices. AVPS is also shown to be capable of concentrating aerosols. Our measurements indicate that an air sample containing water-like particles can be concentrated by a factor of 10 using AVPS.