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Master of Science (MS)


Journalism and Communication

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Burrell F. Hansen


Utah State University began to present radio programs on a regular basis over KSL Radio in Salt Lake City in 1931. In 1952, its first television program was televised over KSL-TV. Today the University is broadcasting programs over the majority of Utah's radio and television stations.

This thesis covers the development of broadcasting from USU in three major areas: (1) radio and television programs presented over Utah broadcasting outlets, (2) the construction of radio and television stations on the campus, and (3) instruction in broadcasting. There has been no attempt made to evaluate the University's use of these media.

It is pointed out that off-campus broadcasting did not expand in an organized manner; that the later attempt to coordinate it has not achieved complete success, and that broadcast training at Utah State University paralleled the development of the television industry in Utah. Also pointed out is the role that students played in establishing the Institution's first broadcasting facility.