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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Robert T. Pack


On September 10, 2005, a landslide occurred to the south of Utah State University Campus and Highway 89. This landslide did considerable damage to the Logan and Northern canal, which is cut into the slope, and to a residence at the toe of the slope. This event brought many parties together to collaborate on possible solutions to the immediate fix of the slide as well slides that could occur in the future. The purpose of this report is to compile information useful to the study of the area and the possible solutions and/or risk assessment of the Logan Bluff Landslide Zone. The study includes the records of any landslides, possible causes of slope failures, historical precipitation analysis, construction and land use changes over time, and a specific study of the September 2005 slide. The information presented in this report still leaves many questions unanswered and other data is likely available. However, it can be used as the starting point for a more in depth study of the bluff area.




This work was revised and made publicly available electronically on July 28, 2011