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Master of Science (MS)



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William F. Lye


William F. Lye


Lucille Pratt


S. G. Ellsworth


The intent of this study was to preserve the historical heritage of a small Canadian community. The thought that in the strength of a community lies the strength of a nation.

The following things were taken into consideration in giving a complete picture of Raymond: (l) The early history which entailed the parts that the Indians, the whoop-up saga, the trader, the trapper, and the Northwest Mounted Police played in the development of Western Canada and Alberta. (2) The desire of the Government to open the western prairies for settlement which brought the Mormon people who were seeking new homes . With the Mormons came the controversy of polygamy, a problem that had to be resolved. (3) The influence and contribution of the Jesse Knight family in the development of Raymond and the surrounding area. (4) The development of Raymond as a prosperous and progressive community involving the sugar beet industry, farming, irrigation, ranching, and the eventual growth of businesses, educational facilities, and religious activities.

The research and sources used for the desired information carne from original diaries , micro- films, newspapers , interviews, correspondence, and books.

The findings and feelings of the residents of Raymond express their pride in their community and their desire to have their stories preserved.



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