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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair(s)

Bedri A. Cetiner


Bedri A. Cetiner


Doran J. Baker


Jacob Gunther


Ryan Gerdes


T. C. Shen


The main goal of this research is to develop a new type of antenna, called reconfigurable antenna, which can replace multiple antennas required to enhance the effectiveness of a robust communication system. A recongurable antenna integrated with switching elements can dynamically change its properties, namely, frequency of operation, radiation pattern (the three-dimensional coverage of antenna), and polarization (the electrical orientation of the antenna). Depending on the requirement, a single antenna can function as multiple an- tennas, therefore, the name Multi-functional Recongurable Antenna (MRA). United States (US) Public Safety (PS) responders (police, re-ghters, emergency medical services, etc.) can effectively respond to human-made or natural catastrophies if they are equipped with robust communication systems supported by MRA. Wireless implementations of computer accessories (wireless HDMI, wireless storage to external hard-drive, etc.) that require high speed data communication are supported by 60 GHz communications. Equipping these devices with MRA could further increase the speed of communication, thereby resulting in a robust communication.

In this work, pin-diodes and Micro Electro Mechanical Switches (MEMS) are integrated on the MRAs to reconfigure (dynamically change) its properties namely frequency and radiation pattern. An MRA capable of operating over 220, 470, 800, 4900 MHz PS bands is designed, manufactured, tested, and characterized. Another MRA capable of changing its radiation pattern over 4.94-4.99 GHz band is designed, manufactured, tested, and characterized. The design of radiation pattern recongurable MRA and Multi-functional Reconfigurable Antenna Array (MRAA) for 60 GHz communication is also accomplished. The MRAA is designed in order to enhance the MRA's capability to receive or transmit more power.