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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Michael C. Johnson


Michael C. Johnson


Steven L. Barfuss


Joseph A. Caliendo


Flow meters are used to measure flow accurately. There are many different flow meters and it is necessary to know which will function best for specific situations. A wide variety of flow meters were selected for the study to assist in showing that each flow meter has its tradeoffs. The selected meters include: three types of Venturi meters, a wedge meter, a V-cone meter, an electromagnetic flow meter, and an ultrasonic flow meter. The characteristics researched in this study are discharge coefficient (Cd) over a range of Reynolds numbers (Re), head loss across each flow meter, life, and cost of meter. Each meter was tested over a wide range of Re to find the corresponding Cd and head loss. The life and cost of each meter were researched and estimated based on the flow meter companies and local distributor’s findings. With the findings, the tradeoffs are illustrated and will assist buyers in selecting a flow meter that will best fit their needs. While there are more flow meters available than was tested, the current study can direct buyers in a correct process of selecting meters for all situations.