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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education

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Rollo W. Woodward


Rollo W. Woodward


Many studies on inheritance in barley have been made, but very little progress has as yet been obtained. Barley in many ways is an attractive plant with which to make inheritance studies. Unlike common wheat with 21 chromosome pairs and few distinct characters, barley has only 7 chromosome pairs and consequently only 7 possible linkage groups and many distinct characters that may be readily recognized. The chief difficulty is that many of these characters cannot be readily classified because a number of factors may be responsible for their production.

The purpose of this project has been to study in considerable detail the Mendelian inheritance of several character pairs as they appear in barley crosses and to study possible linkage relationships between factors. The characters studied are rough versus semi-smooth awn, black versus white color of the flowering glumes and pericarp, long-haired vergus short-haired rachilla, fertility of the lateral florets and hulled versus naked caryopsis.



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