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Master of Arts (MA)


Plants, Soils, and Climate

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George Stewart


George Stewart


The data presented in this thesis are the results obtained from a study of the F2 and F3 generations from a cross between the wheat varieties, Dicklow and Hard Federation. Toward the end of the summer of 1922 this problem was assigned to me by Professor George Stewart. The plants then growing in the field were in the F2 generation, the cross having been made in 1920 by Professor Stewart. The chief purpose of the cross was to improve the grain quality of spring-irrigated wheat by the application of Mendelian principles in such a way as to combine the high-yielding power of Dicklow with the good grain quality of Hard Federation. Before the data obtained in the cross are presented the history, description, and distribution of each parent will be given. This is followed by a brief review of the literature concerning inheritance of three characters in the wheat plant, viz., (1) chaff color, (2) head shape, and (3) grain texture.