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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics

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Donald L. Snyder


The main goals of this study are to: 1) identify the influence of various breeds, feeds, and hormone additives on the final weight or the rate of gain of feeder cattle; 2) determine the physical relationships among breeds, feeds, hormone additives, and other variables; and 3) estimate the costs and benefits associated with alternative feed and/or hormone additives and other variables to determine whether the benefits of using different breeds, feeds, and hormone additives exceed the costs. The linear mode l was initially chosen and showed that Rumensin additive and Angus and Simmental cross breeds were not significant on the basis of T test . The estimation , after excluding the nonsignificant variables , showed t hat Bovatec additive's impact on the total weight out was statistically negative and significant. Ralgro and Compudose hormones affected positively, and t hey were statistically significant , likewise breed (Tarantaise) affected positively on the tot al weight out and was statistically significant on the basis of T test.

The cost-benefit analyses explained that the values of the contribution of hormones Ralgro, Compudose and Tarantaise breed were exceed the cost of providing implants .



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