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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education


Herbert Fullerton


Ivory Coast covers an area of 124,000 square miles with reasonable rainfall for food crops production. But besides what has been called the economic "miracle," the country relies on increasing food imports (rice, wheat, meat, and milk products). At the same time, the country's earnings from the major export commodities are shrinking. So the primary objective was to identify the main causes and circumstances that have resulted in reductions in food production. The major hypothesis was that the present situation is simply the result of policies that have favored cash crops relative to good products. A formal treatment and an analysis of the institutional and structural setting were made.

The results of the formal treatment showed relatively high trend growth rate in cash crops compared to good products. Some food crops experienced high trend growth rate but exhibited a very erratic pattern in their production. And this seems to support the hypothesis made.

A ministry of Rural Development has been created in November, 1983, and increasing food production is one of its main objectives. However, profound and appropriate studies prior to any move towards total reliance on domestic food production are crucial for the country's resources allocation.