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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

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Industrial Education

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Neill C. Slack


Neill C. Slack


James Jacobson


Austin Loveless


William Mortimer


Charles Ryan


This study resulted from the selection of East High School in Salt Lake City to participate in a State Sponsored "comprehensive high school" project entitled "Project Success." The primary emphasis of the project was to encourage the development of vocational education as part of the high school curriculum.

The purpose of this study was to assist the Salt Lake City School District and East High School in the planning of vocational education programs and facilities by providing a rationale for vocational education within a comprehensive high school, making specific recommendations for vocational education programs, and by writing educational specifications for the programs recommended for Industrial Education.

Data were gathered through a review of the literature, an opinionnaire mailed to graduates of East High School, a survey of local employers, and conferences with District planners and East High School personnel.

The recommendations resulting from this study were present ed in the form of nine mandates for a comprehensive high school, followed by fourteen criteria for the vocational education programs at East High School.

A major recommendation was that East High School establish a Center for Bifocal Vocational Education, having vocational education programs that give as much emphasis on developing the personal traits and attitudes of the students as they do on developing specific job skills. The phrase "bifocal vocational education" was coined to stress this dual focus or dual emphasis. A Department of Personal Development was suggested that would be primarily concerned with developing the employability traits and attitudes that are deemed as important as the specific job skills.

Specific occupational clusters were suggest en as a basis for the recommended vocational education. These are Industrial Occupations , Business Occupations, and Home and Service Occupations.

A further recommendation was for expansion of the vocational education to include the entire Salt Lake City area through cooperative work experience and work study programs.

Educational specifications For the recommended industrial education programs were written and presented to the district for use as guide to planning additional facilities.



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